The artwork I create for clients combines 100% scientific accuracy with the natural beauty of the subject, conveying the information required in an interesting, original and stimulating way. Through my dual degree-level background in biology and art I can effectively bring together these two areas when creating an illustration.

Artworks can be created digitally, using Adobe Photoshop and/or Illustrator as required, and also traditionally if preferred. Sometimes all three methods can be combined to create the end result.

My regular clients include:

Wiley-Blackwell • Dorling Kindersley • Gyldendal Akademisk • Elsevier Science

Akribe • Nature Publishing Group • McDougal Littell • Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew

Pearson • British Museum (Natural History) • Glencoe McGraw-Hill

Projects have ranged from specialised scientific and medical textbooks, layman's medical encyclopedias and health guides, to books on ecology, children's illustrated books on nature and the environment, field guides to wild flowers and books on prehistoric life and biology.

I have also done work in the areas of geology and astronomy.


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